CRM Solutions for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

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Here’s a mini-magazine white paper about a few CRM solutions for small and mid-size business (or SMB), of course, sponsored by the companies themselves. But sponsorship aside, it’s always good to learn from experts in this eBook “Best Practices Guide for Effective CRM for Small/Mid-Size Businesses.” It covers the following:

  • Customer Service CRM in Growing Businesses: Challenges and Solutions. (eGain)
  • Waiting for a Workforce Optimization Solution that Fits? Wait No More. (Calabrio)
  • Go Mobile! With AT&T’s Award-Winning Mobile CRM from SalesNOW. (AT&T)
  • 5 Tips for Amplifying Customer Engagement. (Parature)
  • Social CRM Playbook. (SugarCRM)

Download the eBook/White Paper at DestinationCRM

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