China is New Destination for Philippine Furniture Exports

Philippine inlaid mahogany and cane day bed or divan

Fairs & More Inc. (FMI), the leading service provider for trade fairs in the Philippines, Monday said they are focused on opening China as a premiere destination for Philippine furniture exports. China is the fourth biggest importer of furniture in the world after Europe, United States of America (USA), and Japan.

China imports $11 billion of furniture yearly. Its proximity makes it a very ideal destination for the country’s furniture exports. Philippine made furniture have been recognized for excellence in product design and craftsmanship. The Philippines just has to establish its presence in China.

Currently, USA and Japan combine for 60 percent of the Philippines total furniture export. Furniture exports to China are only at five percent. The Philippines is competing with China in the $64 billion USA furniture market. China now has 51 percent of furniture exports to North America while the Philippines only have 0.50 percent share.

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